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Lyna fell in love with craft-beer while living in Portland, Oregon. When she came back to New Mexico, not knowing craft-beer was emerging here decided, to learn how to brew beer. And so taking it upon herself, did!.

After joining the local home brewers group, Dukes of Ale , she was mentored by a friend and started entering competitions and later judging to find out “what a good beer was.”

After she started brewing, she won second at the State Fair in 2015 for a Vienna Pilsner. Then, a trip to Belgium changed every thing and she started her experimentation with Flanders, Flanders Red, Saisons, Belgian quads more.

Thanks to Lyna, The 377 is home of “The Spontaneous Sour-Beer Program.” The sour beers are made by Lyna at an off-site barrelhouse.
“Anything new for me is very exciting,” she said. “My weekends are spent at the cellar just blending. There’s a masterful art of blending, and I learned that in Belgium. I even took a blending class. And I never thought beer should be blended, because beer there was always a style, and if you blended a beer, you had made a mistake, so before I went to Belgium, I didn’t know anything about blending beer or why one would do it. But now, you should see: I’m blending this, and I’m blending that.”